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Since 1989 the Loan Fund has supported small businesses and community-based organizations throughout New Mexico - all of which have provided benefits to lower income people. Here is one of their stories.

Tierra Madre Land Trust

The Tierra Madre Land Trust project has completed the first phase of its affordable, environmentally sustainable, housing project. On September 7, 2001 the first five families moved into their new homes. The NMCDLF has been a part of this project since the beginning and took part in this special day.

NMCDLF staff and their spouses join future homeowners by pitching in one weekend.

Tierra Madre is a non-profit affordable housing developer working with low-income families in Sunland Park, New Mexico. In 1995 several families came together to discuss the lack of affordable housing in their community. With the assistance of Sister Jean Miller and other members of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Ohio, Tierra Madre was established.

"We have been waiting for this for six years, and we didn't think it would happen. The dream of owning my own home has come true." Berta Prieto, New Homeowner in Tierra Madre

Getting the keys to our new home!

The group faced many challenges getting the project off the ground. They overcame the obstacles and lastly negotiated a lease with the State of New Mexico for twenty acres of land to build 47 single family, self-help, energy efficient homes, a community center and a playground.

"The directors of the land trust had dreams and visions that we helped not only get the funding for, but explained most of the process to them. This was a proud day for both Tierra Madre and the Loan Fund." Norma Valdez, Director of Lending for NMCDLF

Finishing the paperwork
to our first owned home!

Through hard work, perseverance and the assistance of the Loan Fund, the project has completed the first phase of the development. This includes the infrastructure, five homes, and a playground.

"It was the first sign of reaching a portion of the dream of the families, Tierra Madre and myself." The project was designed with two goals--to provide affordable housing and to preserve natural resources. Sister Jean Miller, President of the Tierra Madre Land Trust

A family proudly
poses with Jean!

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