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Since 1989 the Loan Fund has supported small businesses and community-based organizations throughout New Mexico - all of which have provided benefits to lower income people. Here are a few of their stories.

Small World Day Care

Small World Day Care was established in Chaparral to meet the needs of low-income workers whose children needed a place to stay while they were at work. Sofia Maese, the owner, started a day care in her home in 1998 and soon realized that there was a need for a larger facility to care for more children. Sofia came to the loan fund in 2002 for help in purchasing a building with the desire to convert it into a day care facility. Today Sofia and the Small World Day Care Staff care for approximately 40 children.

Small World Day Care
Small World Day Care

Miss Minnie's School of Dance

Reyes Wright, better known in the Roswell area as Minnie, has been a dance instructor for many years. She opened her own studio in 1992 to provide dance instruction for the benefit of Roswell youth, with a goal of giving youth a direction as well as a background in the arts. In 1998 Reyes came to the Loan Fund to request help with operating costs and providing scholarships for disadvantaged youth.

Miss Minnie and student
Miss Minnie and student

Poston's Country Gardens

Poston's Country Gardens is a retail flower shop located in Tucumcari. Yvonne Chavez, owner, came to the loan fund for help in purchasing the floral business in 2001. Yvonne also owns Yvonne's Custom Tailoring and at the time of the loan, she brought this business on location with the flower shop. The two businesses complement each other well and they have been very successful.

Clovis Appliance Repair

Charles Riggan and James Baca are owners of Clovis Appliance Repair. They came to the Loan Fund in November of 2000 for help in renovating a building to start their own appliance repair service. Clovis Appliance Repair services and sells items such as washers, dryers, ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, freezers and dishwashers. They also stock spare parts that are sold to other stores and to consumers, and do warranty work for companies such as Clovis Furniture and Appliances, Colortyme Rentals and Amigo Rent-to-Own.

Clovis Appliance Repair
Clovis Appliance Repair

Participa! Inc - Albuquerque

Participa! Inc. is a non-profit organization, which provides dental preventive care to Medicaid eligible school-age children. Preventative care includes dental exams, x-rays, sealants, dental cleanings, and fluoride treatments as well as acute care, which primarily include extractions and fillings. Janet Bryant, founder, came to the Loan Fund for help in purchasing dental equipment for the business and three vehicles used by employees of the business to travel around the state. In 2003, Participa personnel saw over 7,000 low-income children.


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